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Post by TheManWhoLaughs on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:15 am

1. DO NOT repeatedly insult other users! (Includes: No harassment/cyber bullying.)
2. DO NOT discriminate other members based on their religion,sex,age,sexual orientations and ethnicity!
3. No "Junior Modding" and "Backseat Modding" leave it to the real moderators.
4. Advertising without Admin permission is also prohibited signature or not.
5. Disrespecting a Staff member no matter what group it is prohibited.
6. Any Problematic users who are grammar bashing,trolling,fanboying,wanking, and being outright ignorant is not allowed here.
7. Making an account to spam/harass/bully others is not allowed.
8. Spamming the forum with absolute irrelevant information meaning links and copy/paste words is prohibited.
9. Pornographic content is not allowed on this forum period its strictly and utterly prohibited.


Users will have only and only 3 Pre-warnings! and for the warning bars.

100% is no bans
75% is a day ban from the site.
50% is a week ban from the site.
25% is a month ban from the site.
0% is a 2 month ban from the site.
Banned is a PERMANENT BAN from the site.

Users who try to make Alts to join back will be banned and or worst IP banned.

Character Profiles?

If you wish to look up and or help research for character profiles go to Fictional Battle Omniverse Wikia.

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